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Our products from our melts collection goes hand In hand, you get the best results when you use them together.

Melts adhesive gives the ultimate melt down! It Last for up to 2-3 weeks. This lace glue is perfect for you if you have oily, dry or regular skin. Melt's was made to resist more water than the average adhesive, It also performs well in high temperature environments. If you're an active person this glue is also perfect for you. Be sure to store this product in room temperature for best results.

Melts Melting Spray is everything you can expect.It gives you a firm hold and is extremely gentle on the skin while getting the job done.

Melts Adhesive Remover is compatible with our Melts Lace Adhesive. Removes your Lace with ease and without irritation. Allowing your natural edges to stay healthy and flourish while wearing your lace.

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